I am Professor of Political Science at the Research School of Social Sciences, the Australian National University.

I am Co-editor of the journal Interest Groups and Advocacy and the Foundation Series Editor for the book series Interest Groups, Advocacy and Democracy (Palgrave, UK).

My research agenda examines interest groups in the policy process, with specific emphasis on the political representation provided by groups, the level of (and necessity for) internal democracy within groups, and in assessing group organizational development/capacity. I have undertaken research in several countries, including Australia, the UK, Denmark and the US, and I also have an interest in group advocacy at the international level.

These themes are explored in my two recent books, Groups, Representation and Democracy (Manchester University Press) and The Organization of Political Interest Groups (Routledge). Along with Anthony Nownes (Tennessee) I contributed the Oxford Bibliographies in Political Science entry on US Interest Groups. I am co-convenor of a newly established Political Organisations and Participation section of the Australian Political Studies Association. Along with Bert Fraussen (Leiden) and Herschel Thomas (University of Texas), I founded and now run the Policy Advocacy Lab.