I am a Professor of Political Science at the Australian National University. I research and write about organised interests in politics (interest groups, thinks tanks, corporations and lobbyists) and political representation, and the connections between the two.

My first book Groups, Democracy and Representation: Between Promise and Practice (2010, Manchester University Press), probed what we should expect groups to contribute to democratic representation. My follow up book The Organization of Political Interest Groups: Designing Advocacy (2014, Routledge), pioneers an organisational social science perspective on interest groups, spanning group formation through to the exercise of policy influence.

In early 2021, my new book, with Anthony J. Nownes, The New Entrepreneurial Advocacy: Silicon Valley Elites in American Politics, is out with Oxford University Press. It provides a deep dive into the political engagement of this important slice of corporate America. Find details here.

You can find out more about this book, all my previous work, and current projects on this website.

You can find also me on Twitter (@darren_halpin) and on LinkedIn