I am Co-Founder and Director of the Policy Advocacy Lab. This is the focal point for my public engagement activities. See our website for more details www.policyadvocacylab.com

From time to time I engage in public debate about my work. This includes giving public talks, appearing as part of panel discussions and media appearances. My work is sometimes utilised by others in the policy process.



  • I participated as a speaker at the Accountability Round Table on Lobbying and Regulation convened by the Electoral Regulation Research Network (EERN) at Australian Parliament House, Canberra. See transcript here.
  • I gave an invited talk in the Department of Government, University of Sydney, Colloquium Series, Oct 25th, 2012.



  • I gave a talk to the Australian Farm Institute’s Workshop on the Future of Australian Farm Advocacy in Sydney on the 7th November, 2013. See my presentation here.
  • I gave an invited talk to the Organizational Studies Program at the University of Michigan on the topic ‘What is wrong with organizational ecology, and how to fix it?’ (November 2013).
  • I gave an invited talk in the Seminar Series of the Department of Political Science, University of Michigan on the topic ‘Assessing Change in UK Public Policy Networks’ (November 2013)


Media Coverage


My work on the Australian Lobby register is mentioned here.